Monday, December 07, 2015

NLP Cold Beer sign

Finally here. It took awhile because it had to go though inspection and they sort of have a back up.
Its based on my classic and popular graphics series Neon Lights. Its a nice little animation which makes a great add-on to other footage or just by it self. Oh if you're wondering that white graphic overlay is just a fancy watermark for a button since I will also have this link on my personal website soon. There will be 2 other versions of this. One with a green screen and a plain white background. 

Didn't think I could animate did ya? Well I can just didn't have the equipment that I needed. But still don't have all of it though. So any future animations will be simple in nature. But that will only be temporary till I can upgrade my equipment. 
Thanks. :)
Click the image for footage link.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Coming soon to my blog near you. ;)

Coming soon. New animated clip. 
Haven done one of those in years other then a few animated GIfs for avatars and or banners. 
Can't wait to post it. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Flamingo Tee shirt.

Ok so I purchase this cheep tee cause I need a tee for mostly when its cold outside. For when its cold out side? Well ya, I like to wear a tee as an extra layer under my shirt when its winter. You know, layers?  But then I'll also probably wear it on a nice day too. You know, hot and sunny? 
So anyways, you know me, when I see a potential blank canvas, and well to me this is a blank canvas, I just had to paint something.  I decided to paint some flamingos on it. Reason, just felt like it. Just haven't gone to Florida in years and well flamingos pretty much fit the bill. Laughing gulls being more of favorite symbol of Florida to me second only to palm trees, white sand and warm weather. But somehow flamingos just seem to fit this tee. 
I decided just to freehand it instead of just putting some kind of guiding lines all over it and just went  at it. Using just pink acrylic fabric paint and memories of the birds applied the paint in a sketchy scribbly style. I went over some spots with more pink paint doubling the line thickness to produce the elision of highlights.  I tried to take advantage of the black tee and the look of the paint as best as I could. Could have finished it in one day but the paint was kind of old and had some difficulty getting it to flow out of the bottle.  So instead of getting frustrated, I just took a few days to finish it, letting some of it to dry while working on another spot. Eventually after completing it, I heat set it in the dryer. 
I think I achieved what I wanted and even got a bit of therapy out of it. 
Not totally realistic but you pretty much get what the point was.

 Meetso didn't really feel like posing that day so I kind of bribed him with some food. Little did I know, it appears he was sick for a year or so on and off. So who could blame him. Eventually in July the sheep hit the fan and poor Meetso was plugged up because of inferior food. He now eats a good quality food, with occasional natural treats, some kitty candy and the occasional wild caught food he him self he catches.  Oh and he finally got the hint of not eating the heads after loosing his meow due to a sore throat in August. Today he his back to his crazy affectionate kitten self. Well he's about 6 years old but he will always be my little kitten.  ;)

Available for viewing at my web site soon.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Now featured.

The Garfield pillow/cover is now also featured on my personal website. 
Also fixed or rather updated a link in the miscellaneous artwork section. You can now view past misc works.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A little something old. Fandome wise.

How do you like my new pillow/cover? 

Finally got this very old project completed, based on a Garfield calendar I got when I was in my last year of grade school. Yup there it stayed all those years in the back of my little yellow plastic basket collecting years of dust together with other odds and ends of threads and maybe a few dreams too. The other half of the pillow still stuck in my head. Well the tiger patterned cover part. Anyways yeah 1988 all the way to 2015 and finished it a few months ago actually. Just never got around to showing it. The majority of the cross stitching was done on the cover but there was just a few spots that needed to be completed plus the cover. I had plenty of the tiger material left over when I actually had a costume made also in the same year as 88.
Oh the reason why I first made it was well, I was stuck in bed for a few weeks with the chicken pox. Well, more weeks then what was required to recover. That was because it was also a very traumatic time and year. It was just my luck that my mother had yet another bout with manic depression. It was horrible. I had to endure lots of strange behaviour and in later repeating years, all kinds of strange actions, sometimes scary and shouting from her, but that's another story. Then of course there was grade school its self. That always was a real hell hole to me.
I was a kid. Who in the world would stand up, be on my side and protect me from all this craziness? No one. No man as in humans anyways. ;) It was all tough nuggies for me.
Actually I did have for awhile my former next door neighbour and best friends but that welcome was busted after awhile. So much for knowing them since I was a toddler. So much for best friends forever. Life goes on. :_(  *broken heart*

Please note that my mother's issues are no longer that intense since her hysterectomy she had a number of years ago. That and the fact she now sticks to her meds which is just right for her needs, her and ours walk with Jesus Christ. But she still has her occasional weirdness. Don't we all.

Since being stuck in bed for so long, I had already completed other projects and ran out of the pre-designed needle point and cross stitching stuff. (Some of it hangs on the walls to this day. ) I needed more stuff to occupy and distract me instead of vegetating in front of the TV all day so I made my own design hence that's where the Garfield calendar came it.
Back then I was a pretty big fan of Garfield and besides the comics I was lucky enough to get, I tried to get at least one stuffed Garfield. But that was hard since I had no one to gift those to me. That was pretty much common for me. So many times I would make my own stuff based on my favourite things.
Yeah I eventually managed to get a teenie stuffed Garfield from someplace and an Odie from a Mc Donald’s.
I have those to this day sitting in my bedroom on display on an old handmade record (record player) desk I like to call it. 

This pic obtained from an Ebay user/seller who was selling the calendar. But yeah again I have the calendar myself. Just got too lazy to scan my own. Love this calendar. :)

The illustration I used for the project. Image from someone else's blog.

So yeah here it is my cute Garfield pillow based on a favourite scene from a Garfield Year of the Party 88 calendar. Hopefully I won't have any other really old projects to complete. But hay at least I don't give up on things. That has to count for something. Am I right? 

 What the back of the pillow looks like.
Various pics of my kitty Meetso with the pillow. 
He decided to look out the window for any unsuspecting potential victims. Aka tasty little morsels. ;)
 Hay? where's my face on a pillow?

Pillow featured soon on my personal web site as well. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Carved Style Easter egg set v2

The second installment of those wonderfully carved style Easter eggs v2 are hear. 
See previous postings to see what I'm talking about. As usual you may find it as well on my personal web site soon. 

As you can see its now available at ShutterStock.

In this version this time I had most of the intricate decoration on a arc design so that I could add an "Happy Easter" greeting as an option. Its a nice contemporary style and suites it well. A nice option for those that must have the greeting. 
I think in the future the limited font I made for the greeting might be nice as a full usable font. 


Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Carved style Easter Egg set now on my web site. Also spruced up a few things like my E-mails. Updated which e-mails are for what. As always my creative personal web site is located in the right panel of this blog under "My other lairs".

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carved Style Easter Egg Set

Well its finally here. A few months late but still worth it I think.
Inspired by those extremely fragile Easter eggs intricately carved by dentist drills. Chicken all the way to ostrich eggs are used. There a bit like those Faberge eggs only they aren’t as elaborately decorated with gold and what not.

For those that use Illustrator, I chose not to make or use that function we call the pattern function. I think it would have been too complicated for that anyways. So I guess it took longer. But then again it doesn't help to have to name every object and every layer. So tediously time consuming but necessary. Just wish there was something to help me name every layer and object faster. 

I have here first the basic egg. The second is the polished style and bonus a chocolate version. 

 The following are some interesting close ups.........

There is a second version in this set on the way but again I'm currently in the process of naming every object and layer. Again very tedious. Oh well. Well worth the quality in the end.

Also will be viewable on my web site soon.

Thanks for viewing. :)

Monday, June 08, 2015

Coming soon.

Yes its been awhile hasn't it? 
Coming soon. Some new intricate vectors. They're a few months late, but I think the wait its worth it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Personal site update 2

Allrighty all fixed. My Personal site that is and the links to them. Every thing should work as planned. Hopefully. Let me know if anything is screwy, will ya guys? Come on? You know you want to. K'T's Creative Lair. Also located in the side panel marked under "My other lairs." There. No excuse to check it out now. Now go!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Personal site update

Finally my site host has provided new security certificates for my personal web site. Apparently it takes a few hours for it to kick in but we'll see. Hopefully there are no further issues. Will have to look and test tomorrow.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Cool treats set 3

Happy New year every one.  Hope every one had some great holidays? If you did, consider your self one of the lucky ones. Not every one is so lucky. Sadly. 

Anyhow we have a new vector to feature. Cool treats but as classic ice cream set using time honored real ingredients. Well vector graphics. But what ever. Enjoy. 

Also has any one had a chance to visit my newly moved personal web site. Its located in the links area of my blog on the side panel. Does it work alright? No certificate error? If so, just ignore it. Its the web hosters fault for not fixing this. Hopefully they fix it soon. In which case the latest vector is also now also viewable on my personal web site.

If you noticed I have started to only post my vectors from the actual micro stock places. Its for added security.  I hope you understand.