Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas "E"

What I’ve been working on lately is a Christmas ornament. I decided to use some stuff around the house since I got tons of it and I might as well get rid of it in a useful fashion. Might even eventually sell it on E bay to make a little cash as well, I mean why not, eh?
I got a glass ball, made a twine fishing net and stuck it on. Then glued a few shells that I got in Florida a while ago and I have yet to polish the shells I stuck on and finally I’ll probably stick a beige raffia ribbon. Yeah you guessed it it’s a nautical style ornament. I decided to use a neutral ribbon so it draws attention to the interesting shells and the net design.

I’ve also been working on restoring a ripped up old photo. Look for it soon in the Mini galleria section. You can find the link at my web site.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Newly renovated

Just finished the new designs for the animation pages on my web site and most of the stuff for the character designs I had before are up again. It looks super. If you're wondering why I didn't go with the jungle vines though out the whole web site is because to me it wouldn't have all fit with the theme I was going with, which is again based on one of my cartoons. I kind of wanted the visitor feel like they’re in my cartoon world and visiting the different environments while looking at my artwork. As an addition to my artwork I have a series of Easter eggs that can be found in the animation pages for added amusement. If all goes well, I will add more possibly with a few simple sounds FX. As well as the interesting Easter eggs, I again experimented with the Styles in Photoshop with the results that I expected for the machine frames.