Tuesday, February 07, 2017

more Little Ballet Girl suff

Just a small heads up. Conte drawings now in my Flicker account. Link located in the Life drawing section of my personal web site. Also uploaded now to my personal web site the finished painting. Also located in the Traditional illustration section of course. 🐱

Monday, February 06, 2017

Little Ballet Girl 2 painted up

Now that most of my distractions are taken care of I can post my other painting of the Little Ballet girl. Just as before, painted on canvas in water colour with a bit of acrylic. Painting is 8.5 x11

The original reference

The finished painting.
Close up of face. 

As I said before, a little different as in position and added a sort of a flower arch in the bg but still in keeping in the style of the other one I painted earlier. I was able to make her more prevent this time around since I did not have to make the skirt/dress as wide. 
As before the original owner was very pleased.  🐱

The previous painting. 

And see the previous process that eventually ended up the Little Ballet girl 2 painting. 
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Classic Tomato plant 2

Now out there Classic Tomato plant 2. Its basically like other one where its based on a tomato plant we had in a blue plastic makeshift pot. Because I had added more details such as gradients, I had to remove most of the detailed background. Otherwise you would have a plant that you really could not see. In other words it looked too busy. But Had I been able to blur the background, then that would have been alright to keep it as is. Must keep it a pure vector after all. 

See previous post and version. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Little Ballet Girl 2 final before painting.

Sorry, got sidetracked as usual. Here's the final before I traced it on to canvas and painted it all up. I had planned up adding a nice flower arch to go in the background. A bit different from the other background but still in keeping with the other painting I did. Still have to add the other drawings to my flicker account. 

 Soooo much to do and yet always someone that adds a wrench in to my plans. 🐱😖
See previous post. 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Little Ballet Girl 2 polished drawings

As always here are some polished drawings of the Little Ballet Girl 2 project as I like to call it phase 2. 

I later ended up combining the two in favour of the other head and leg.
Still had a bit of an issue in spots like the skirt.  🐱

Previous post. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Little Ballet Girl 2 conte drawings

Merry Christmas every one. 
Anyways I have new drawings from my second commission. Just completed the whole project a few days ago actually just haven't had the time to post n such. But yeah all painted up. 
Its the same little girl just in a slightly different pose. I drew lots of heads, a few bodies and a number of right legs just to get the position right
I really worked on getting the skirt height just right as well. You can see I goofed up a few times. 
Of course the recipient will get her completed painting after new years. After the celebration craziness is done with and life returns to normal. 
As always the drawings will also be in my Flicker account soon. 😺


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Little Ballet girl 1 completed

Wow! We got some new stuff here. Anyways here's the completed version of the Little Ballet girl 1. Painted on canvas in water colour with a bit of acrylic. Painting is 8.5 x11
Here's the original photo of the little girl. Remember no taking! Seriously No! After all this is someone's loved one and I had the permission to use this image. 
As you can see even zooming in didn't help much with seeing every detail. Especially zooming in on the most important part, the nose. The picture was taken the conventional way. So doing lots of sketches and homing in on the more challenging areas really helped a lot.  See previous posts(click on the pins);📌📌📌

Background was not important to the client and she wanted a light hearted look to the portrait painting so the background was painted in a mono tone style. Various shades of pink. I was more liberal to the colour pallets I used on the little girl. Made it stand out really nice. I also used some of the elements from the original pic mostly just the shape of things and changing them in to a marble table with flowers on it. I also added grass and a nice stone path. I was temped to add other things to the painting but I was a afraid that it would take focus off the main subject. 
I also had to keep in mind that the lighting would be different too from the original picture.   

So in the end the client was very pleased along with her friends. 
I think it turned out very nice over all but as always there's always room for improvements to the next piece. 
Now on to the next commission. 😺