Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunny the lion cat.

Well here it is. First ever published book I illustrated. Not too shabby If do say so my self.
Its about this orange gregarious kitty who is very much like one of my former fur babies, who at first is lost but was found and not only was found but found a home and loving forever home.

I was quite surprised though to see it for purchase on an online store. Quite unexpected since I already had it pictured being sold in the usual manner by getting processed and then being sold at a local book store or a place like Amazon. I guess its another sign of the modern times. Especially now since more and more people are opting in for electronic book tablets like the ones used on Star trek. I guess it’s the wave of the future. This book though is still available in colorful traditional book form. Personally I really still prefer something that you can flip though the pages your self. Just simply more easer on the eyes and a feast for the mind n heart. I may try out this company in the future my self since I have lots of stuff that I usually use for my cartoon ideas that would make awesome adventure stories too.

I really hope that the children of Marella who is the author of this book btw really enjoys this surprise.
Btw this book is dedicated to Mirella’s daughter in the memory of the sweet and fun Sunny who obviously brought sunshine in the families lives.

The illustrations are done with traditional water colours, gouaches and some coffee ink.

Please note, what you’ll see is a bit of a sampler or a proto book of what can be purchased in the whole book. The whole book will be a polished version and not have blue lines est.

Hope you guys like it and maybe some will purchase it for your kids.

Happy Exploring. :)


Chelly said...

OMG!! That is so AWESOME. Congratulations, what an accomplishment. Your illustrations are gorgeous. Bravo to you.

K_tigress said...

Thank you very much.
Thanks for viewing and the nice comments.

mirella said...

Tina is an awesome illustrator she captured my Sunshine wonderfully. I have hired her already for my second book. I am working on getting the book in the bookstores. Hopefully soon. will make a book in your preferred style. They are quite nice actually. I also downloaded an ebook to see how it looked; I love it.

I hope to be capturing children imaginations everywhere for a long time.

K_tigress said...

Thanks for the nice comments and visiting Mirella. Like Chelly, you are very welcome at my Blog. ;)

Hears hoping for more sales and books in the future. ;)