Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tulip and Camomile egg

This time I got a two for one deal in a flower theme.
Again both eggs are in a nice folksy art style.

The first one is a bit of a tulip design on red background. It sort of looks like a Dutch egg design but an expert in this can probably do a better job then then I have but then I'm only looking for something that is close to that. For the blue egg I decided to make it a camomile theme design since I just love the white camomile against the blue background of a box of a tea I once drank as a child. I don't think they make those any more unless they have a new design that I don't recognize.

After I complete colouring all the eggs I'll probably clear coat for protection, clean up this dusty basket that sitting in the corner of a neglected living room and place the finished eggs in that. Going to look really egg-strodinary.

Latest egg designs can also be soon seen at my website as well.

See first coloured egg here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polka-dot egg

The first Easter egg completed is a simple spotted one inspired by the Super Mario bro's video games.
It was made to look like a Yoshi egg but not like the more common green egg in the games. I wanted to have a white egg with pink spots.

Expect the Easter eggs to get more intricate but will have a "folksy" look to them. 
Maybe down the line I may do other themed eggs like character eggs or based on shows eggs but for now these are good enough. :)

Also these eggs are not the real thing. Instead I used these nice plaster eggs I found at a discount store such as Giant Tiger.
They already had some designs on them so I had to sand them off and gesso them to prepare them.

I may plan on purchasing and making more in the future if I feel like it. 

Happy Easter. :) 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Projects to be made....

Started working on some new small projects.
1. Is going to be a decorated light switch with some of the shells I collected in past vacations to Florida.
A great use for some of my souvenirs for an otherwise boring object on the wall. Plus I really go sick of looking at that old light switch plate with the plastic corner chipped out of edge. That thing has been there for ages. Also later I can always take my little art piece with me should I need to.

2. Finally got around to painting those fake Easter eggs. I bought them last year but never got around to do much with them. I got as far as sanding down those generic images that came with the eggs and then gessoing them for colour. I coloured one white egg with pink spots. It reminds me of a Yoshi egg from the Mario bro's games.
I hope to colour more in the next day or so. So we'll have to see if I get around to showing them off in time for Easter. Maybe afterwords but that's OK.

3. I'm removing some old patchwork decorations from an old pair of jeans I decorated years ago, The patches are still great so I plan on sewing them back on to an old jean jacket along with another large patch I salvaged from an old jean purse. I think it'll look great.

4. Last but not least there's this really old project I like to finish that I started long ago but sort of forgot about. Will explain later.

Then there's always more vector graphics to be made.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Cherub Baby Oops

A little late this time, but for next year's Valentines day, it'll be just in time.
Its a twin version of the NewYear Baby Oops I made a few years ago only in Cherub form.

Also now viewable at my web site. Probably at several different places of mine too.