Thursday, December 04, 2008

St Francis walks with Children

As I said before, normally this only takes me a few weeks if I have no distractions but yeah I had distractions and there fore finished it in several months, as you know. But they were good distractions.....mostly.

I started with sketches then some life drawing studies. Then I put together some layouts. When I was completely satisfied, I began putting on the colour. I used coffee ink allot for the base colour but did use it more intensely in other spots as needed. Then I laid out the watercolour and gouache and worked on the people last. Over all I'm quite happy as to the way it turned out but I found it quite difficult to get the detail of the faces to the way I wanted them with a fine and not to mention tiny brush. Touched it up in Photoshop since I had to scan the piece in two parts.

Other then posting my painting, I updated some small things at my web site like links est.