Monday, January 05, 2015

Cool treats set 3

Happy New year every one.  Hope every one had some great holidays? If you did, consider your self one of the lucky ones. Not every one is so lucky. Sadly. 

Anyhow we have a new vector to feature. Cool treats but as classic ice cream set using time honored real ingredients. Well vector graphics. But what ever. Enjoy. 

Also has any one had a chance to visit my newly moved personal web site. Its located in the links area of my blog on the side panel. Does it work alright? No certificate error? If so, just ignore it. Its the web hosters fault for not fixing this. Hopefully they fix it soon. In which case the latest vector is also now also viewable on my personal web site.

If you noticed I have started to only post my vectors from the actual micro stock places. Its for added security.  I hope you understand.

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