Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monarch Butterfly tee-shirt 1

Finally got the thing done after many distractions. Actually it was completed weeks ago but only recently got around to posting about it.

It’s a bit of an experiment. I’m using a heat transfer that I designed and for the first time I used it as a guide for airbrushing the artwork.

Pro, it was easy to airbrush light colours on a multi-coloured tee such as this tie dye tee I made a number of years ago. Con, you can’t place frisket or some other paint blockers on to already painted areas on the heat transfer image or you may run into annoyances like peeling paint. With that said with I just repainted those areas that peeled, by hand then reairbrushed the damaged areas.  No problem.  Then I added some very small gems on the antennas for that extra something.  Finally I gave it a few shots of clear coat just to make sure. Hopefully that did the trick for making it last with out scratches for instance.

Over all it looks great but just not sure if I can heat set the design. Still have to figure that one out.

I have another look-a-like in the works and hopefully I can work on it soon. 

Also can be seen on my web site soon.