Monday, June 24, 2013

Its me again..... completed.

Completed this a few weeks ago but only showing it now. See previous postings.
Media used was fine textured paper with markers, coloured pencils and fine black marker. Normally I would use ink pen but those things have had better days although they don’t look too bad on the out side. But time has warped them from the inside I think and sadly. Oh well. 

Yet another thing that was making me pretty frustrated and bummed out lately. My web site as yet again had down time. Its back up now but has been down one too many times. Going to have to find a new place but its just so hard to find a new decent place with all the things I’m looking for. Got to get my own domain eventually.  

Prospects for new jobs still sucks but one job I just sent a quote and proposal to looks very promising. They want a statue painting which is very similar to a painting I made a few years ago featuring a cat statue I doodled earlier and then painted  in a tropical setting. I really hop I can get this job. I know I can really shine in this one.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 6

The last of the bunch of vector art sets featuring products you would find at a snack bar. Will be posting this soon on my web site as well.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Its me again.

Yeah I know. Its yet another profile pic but as you know I don’t like photos of my self on the internet and this is the only way I will have something of me other then avatars.
Just finished it yesterday but I have yet to colour it. I’ll probably colour it in a very traditional way and in the original way that I started off my art journey so very long ago. With coloured pencils, markers and some kind of ink pen. Don’t think I’ll be using my mechanical pens though I think they’re ca-poot. Tried filling them with ink and it just makes a mess. And yeah I cleaned them thru and thru and such but to no avail. I think they’re just too old and maybe over time things get warped. Guess I’ll have to get another set at Staples or something. Bummer now I have to spend money again. Got plenty of ink though.
Anyways my profile features me at work on many art project while my kitty Meetso has a little stretch on one of my art pieces in progress. But also featured are some of my doves are in the antics too. And I do mean some, since I have about 9 of them 7, 8 and 9 are just off the pic hiding someplace. ;)
Before I add some colour going to have to fix a few areas though but they’re just minor things.
Hope you like my work in progress.
Probably be the last profile pic featuring me in a while.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 5

New tasty sweet vector graphics just in time for summer. 
Only one more in this series to go! ;)
Also may be viewed at my web site too.