Tuesday, February 07, 2017

more Little Ballet Girl suff

Just a small heads up. Conte drawings now in my Flicker account. Link located in the Life drawing section of my personal web site. Also uploaded now to my personal web site the finished painting. Also located in the Traditional illustration section of course. 🐱

Monday, February 06, 2017

Little Ballet Girl 2 painted up

Now that most of my distractions are taken care of I can post my other painting of the Little Ballet girl. Just as before, painted on canvas in water colour with a bit of acrylic. Painting is 8.5 x11

The original reference

The finished painting.
Close up of face. 

As I said before, a little different as in position and added a sort of a flower arch in the bg but still in keeping in the style of the other one I painted earlier. I was able to make her more prevent this time around since I did not have to make the skirt/dress as wide. 
As before the original owner was very pleased.  🐱

The previous painting. 

And see the previous process that eventually ended up the Little Ballet girl 2 painting. 
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