Monday, December 22, 2014

Heads up

Ok now Cool treats set 2 now available on K t's creative lair. Yup my personal web site. Also updated a few of those animation links to the new web site standards since the Hoster did not allow for direct YouTube linking.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cool treats set 2

Yes I know its winter practically but every one loves ice cream no matter the season. Well except for those dieting prudes who like to lie to them selves and say they only love frozen yogurt. Ick. Did you ever try vanilla frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce. Gagggooollla. Total deniers.
Anyways new to the coolection is a nice set of soft serve ice creams in your choice of flavours or if you prefer your choice of frozen dessert. I still say your still denying your self if you like FY. You only live once after all.
But then some people do love a good frozen custard. I wish we had those here.

Available soon on my personal web site as well.