Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ok that was weird. I guess this beta stuff has lots of bugs still in it. I had a person comment in here but for some reason the darn program just deleted it . :( Sorry about that. Also I tried to put in a link for the free program that I found but the beta just started to just monkey around with me so I'll try again.
Again I'm sorry about loosing your comment. None the less here's the free peogram.
Handy but buggy. Its free what you expect.


Ok most of the bugs are fixed; I hope and please enjoy the two animations that I couldn’t show earlier. I kind of found out that it was the compression code that was giving me the problems. Youtube just didn't like the ones that were already being used hence the black screen.
I was going to use this one program to fix the problem that I had but for some odd reason Its messed up so I had to go look for a temporary program. I managed to find this nice and adequate little program that I got from and best of all it was free. Apparently it was made by a amateur programmer at the time so the program is a bit buggy at times. But at least it does what its suppose to. Nice program but you can’t use it to really edit your movies. Will have to look for a decent one in the future. Don’t need it right now, I think.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Scratch that.....

Humm it looks like I have some technical issues with two of my animations I haven't noticed till now. Well actually with Youtube. I'm not sure why that is but here's one that actually works till then.
Sorry about that.

A neat little walk cycle of a turtle. Originally a test for a friends animation.

Some animation

I have all my decent animation up that I made in previous years. I hope to make more eventually when I get a new computer. I have yet to upload my short though that I still have to figure out as to how.
None the less please enjoy a samp of what I put up on my web site. As always, to see more of my stuff check out my web site.