Friday, December 23, 2016

Little Ballet Girl 2 conte drawings

Merry Christmas every one. 
Anyways I have new drawings from my second commission. Just completed the whole project a few days ago actually just haven't had the time to post n such. But yeah all painted up. 
Its the same little girl just in a slightly different pose. I drew lots of heads, a few bodies and a number of right legs just to get the position right
I really worked on getting the skirt height just right as well. You can see I goofed up a few times. 
Of course the recipient will get her completed painting after new years. After the celebration craziness is done with and life returns to normal. 
As always the drawings will also be in my Flicker account soon. 😺


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Little Ballet girl 1 completed

Wow! We got some new stuff here. Anyways here's the completed version of the Little Ballet girl 1. Painted on canvas in water colour with a bit of acrylic. Painting is 8.5 x11
Here's the original photo of the little girl. Remember no taking! Seriously No! After all this is someone's loved one and I had the permission to use this image. 
As you can see even zooming in didn't help much with seeing every detail. Especially zooming in on the most important part, the nose. The picture was taken the conventional way. So doing lots of sketches and homing in on the more challenging areas really helped a lot.  See previous posts(click on the pins);📌📌📌

Background was not important to the client and she wanted a light hearted look to the portrait painting so the background was painted in a mono tone style. Various shades of pink. I was more liberal to the colour pallets I used on the little girl. Made it stand out really nice. I also used some of the elements from the original pic mostly just the shape of things and changing them in to a marble table with flowers on it. I also added grass and a nice stone path. I was temped to add other things to the painting but I was a afraid that it would take focus off the main subject. 
I also had to keep in mind that the lighting would be different too from the original picture.   

So in the end the client was very pleased along with her friends. 
I think it turned out very nice over all but as always there's always room for improvements to the next piece. 
Now on to the next commission. 😺

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Classic Tomato Plant 1

New Classic Tomato Plant vector. Based on a photo I took one summer a whole number of years ago of one of my former pet cockatiels. Well what's in the background actually. A beautiful tomato plant in a makeshift pot. I have a more detailed shaded version of this up next. 

And oh yeah I will have the finished painting of the Little ballet girl soon that I completed and gave already to the owner in a little bit. Just have to make it all neat for display. After all no one wants to see what I painted out of the frame lines.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Earlier drawings of the Little ballet girl now uploaded to my Flicker account. You can find the links in my Life drawings section of my personal web site. 
Uploading soon, my completed painting. I'm pretty pleased with it. Hope she like it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Final drawing Little ballet girl

Been pretty busy with stuff. But anyways here's the finally drawing finished a few weeks ago. 
Assembled and changed some minor things like the angle of the eyes and mouth. Apparently I overlooked that. Then traced it on to canvas. Currently working on the background which will mostly be in monotone pinks. Just hope the recipient will be pleased with the results. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Little Ballet Girl part2

Some polished drawings completed last weekend based on the conte sketches I made earlier. But since then I have taken those drawings and made a final with a few more changes of course. Some parts of these drawings I ended up not using after all. 

Previous postings.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Little Ballet Girl conte drawings

Its official. I got the a commission to do a portrait. And not just one, but two. Its of a little great grand daughter in a ballet pose at a wedding. Background optional, but I think its nice to have at least a bit of a background of some kind. I'll just painted it in light so that she's not floating in the air.
I already started the drawings on the first one several weeks ago, finished the second phase drawings a few days ago. (Those are more detailed drawings.) The final, going to finish those soon and then of course transferring the image onto a flat canvas for painting. I decided to show the original pic together with the finished painting at the end. Over all of course I have permission to show from the owner which is a rare occurrence these days. 

The following are conte drawings. A series a rough drawings to show and figure out how the body should look and all that. To keep that looseness so that your drawings won't look stiff. I'm sure you've seen those. I could have just traced those but then you're then just neglecting yourself an opportunity for growth. 

I drew heads mostly since I really had a hard time seeing the details on the little photo I was given. Yes I enlarged it but it was still difficult to see. As for that adult head, well I was a bit off the path there and it didn't look like a kid's head and so you know. ;) 
The same problem with the hands. At first to me it looked like she was holding on to her dress but was actually just in the air as she twirled in place. Another difficult to see situation if you don't take a more careful look. As for the body, I only did a few drawings of those and had pretty much figured out how I wanted it to look. 

The best drawings will be preserved on a online photo album. That I still have to update as well since there are a few problems with it. 

Till next time. :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Some updated links and commission?

Updated some links in my clips section of Traditional Animation. Also coming soon, some new vector graphics based on my backyard tomatoes.
Also I might have gotten a possible commission to do a portrait painting of a little girl in a ballet pose. 
Stay tuned. ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Update number5

I forgot to mention that the number 5 version of the blue screen as mentioned in the previous post is now available. Took them long enough. :p

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Neon Lights Pub Tap Signs2 blue versions

Now out there. Neon Lights Pub Tap Signs2 blue versions. Well almost. And I say almost because the web site that excepted them first has failed to release one of them. Guess we'll have to wait. 
Also now available to view on my personal web site along with some updated links. 

 NLP Tap Sign2 v4 blue version,  NLP Tap Sign2 v5 blue version,  NLP Tap Sign2 v6 blue version

See previous post. 


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

NLP Tap Sign 2

New Neon Lights Pub Tap sign 2. Yet another version, out now. Now already featured at my personal web site for a change. ;)

See previous version.

Monday, April 04, 2016

There was Twitter Trouble.

Got my Twitter issues mostly resolved. But not totally. What happened next time this crap happens? They still after all never come up with or gave me notice of some alternative thing for those with landlines only. 
Apparently it was another technical glitch that gave me so much Twitter troubles. 
Go fig.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Neon lights Pub Tap Sign1 bluescreen

Well these were completed awhile ago and issued sometime before the Easter holidays but there have been some really irritating things I have to deal with. Twitter for one thing. Haven't been able to log on cause they decided to lock my account for no good reason. Well probably someone tried to hack in to my account but now they expect me to get a code via cellphone. Nope I don't have a cell nor want one currently. You figure they would provide you with an alternative for that for those with landlines. But nope. Very discriminatory and very lazy. Surly those greedy little brains of theirs can come up with something ingenious for those with landlines? Sigh...... 
So if you never see me again on Twitter. There's your reason. Maybe its time to deep fry that bird? 

Anyways yeah here's the blue screen version of Neon Lights Pub Tap sign1. Available soon on my personal web site as well. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Neon Lights Pub Tap Sign 1

New footage clips in my classic series Neon Lights Pub sets. A nice series of Tap signs. 

Oh and don't worry I'll eventually make more vectors and other artworks but for now more footage. ;)
See them soon in my personal web sight as well, under traditional animation.
See previous footage clip.

Friday, January 22, 2016

NLP Cold Beer sign green screen version.

Now out. The green screen version of Neon Lights Pub Beer sign. More stuff coming soon.  Also soon to be featured on my personal web site along with some fixed links among other things. 
Previous version.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Some adjustments needed

Links now up for the NLP Beer sign in my personal web site. You can find all three links under the Traditional animation section.  But back for some adjustments with the other versions. Apparently the framing is off for some reason. Not sure how but will have to figure out that one. Besides that will have to rework one if I can that is the one with the white background. Hopefully I can remove the background.