Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Deco shelled face plate

Just perfect for summer vacation time, not that I'm going on a vacation any time soon. :(
Oh well but I have gone in the past and collected these wonderful shells from Florida.
I like to use them every now and then like this project for instance. But not all of them. I'd like to save some of them for reference after all. :)

Anyhow I had this really boring and ugly old light switch face plate I had to look at every day for several years now and I finally had it. Since I always wanted a tropical themed design for my house but currently can't, :( I decided to at least add my personal touch to at least my personal space. The bed room.

I took one brand new plain Jane light switch face plate and I first painted it with a special acrylic that simulated the inside of a shell. A sort of a pearly white look. I then glued an assortment of shells and arranged it in a certain pleasing way. Then finally clear-coated it with an acrylic gloss and for the finishing touches added some simulated pearls.

Now I have something to switch on with a bit of class. 


 Some close ups

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Encore of eggs

Tisket n tasket, one last look of my basket.......of eggs.  This is how they were meant to be seen. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Happy Easter Egg

April showers brought these May flowers, on this egg. OK, so its not a real egg and the flowers are imaginary. The lettering isn't even real gold but it is my artwork seeded by my imagination.
But can't you just smell the flowers and doesn’t the gold lettering just glisten on the Happy Easter part?
I think the last Easter egg in this series is my most favorite which is suprising considering that most of the time my favorite stuff feature animal themes and or stuff with toons on them. 
Yup its the last egg but fear not, new things are always in the making.
Kind of fitting don't you think? 

Bottom of egg^
Top of egg^
 Easter greeting how it was meant to look. ^

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