Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sneak preview

Finished that new thing I'm designing for my web site that I'm definitely going to move very soon. I'm going to move it for good reasons because my old site provider is not as flexible as I would like it. For one thing you can't use Png files. I only hope that my web page maker is just as flexible. If not going to have to get another one. Yeah I could use HGML but to me its a real bother. Don't like getting a headache as a result of just trying to make stuff looking cool est. I'll stick to my web page maker thank you very much.

Anyways here's a sneak preview of the new things that are going to be at my revised web site. Going to make another border like it too, for other parts of the pages.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dream carrots

My latest illustration was originally drawn on the back of a finished sketch book during my break. I decided to colour it the old fashion way, with coloured pencils and markers like I use to do it when I was little but a whole lot better. I got really skilled at it because every Friday when I was in my late grade school years I use to work on this one cartoon. I would still work on it story and all if I had my own place and wasn't so busy with real life things. I would reveal what cartoon it is but its near and dear to my heart and so I'm very careful to not to show it off that much. I would show it off if I ran my own studio and of course it would have its own web site but for now its in the vaults of my mind and sketchbook.

Anyways getting back to my illustration, it features a rabbit sleeping in a fantasy type setting of carrots. I guess when I actually made the drawing I was dreaming of being else where. I was currently at my crappy job. I'll probably talk about it another time when I'm in that sort of complaining about my previous job mood.
To see more works go to my site and enjoy!