Sunday, December 26, 2010


Just would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas. And yes technically its still Christmas right up until some time in to January.

Anyways Sunshine The Lion Cat can now be downloaded as an E-book.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Planet name generators.

The other day I thought I look for some name generators specifically planet name generators for an idea for one of my cartoons I’ve been working on since I was in grade school. It has an element of fantasy and a bit of scifi and maybe a touch of Tron the movie depending on how you look at the story idea. You can also see small elements of it all over my websites and blogs if you look closely.

Anyways I could never really think of the right name for the planet the characters are residing on, so I thought it was about time I really made an effort on coming up with one. So I searched for a bunch of the generators on the net and thought there really are a whole bunch of them that are nice and handy but none of them seemed to fit my bill. I won’t post any links to those since I’m sure some of you already know of your favorite ones.

Just could not find the right ones that would basically take a fraise and turn it in to a compatible name for a planet that made sense to me. But then it hit me, why don’t I just take the first letter of every word in my fraise and turn that in to a great planet name and if it still doesn’t sound right take those letters and then put them in a order to actually come up with an acceptable name.

For example; Say the planet you came up with is best known for being the green jewel of the universe then you can start with the fraise “The green jewel of the universe” Now extract every first letter of every word in that fraise. “T,G,J,O,T,U” Now you have your letters for a name. Here you can decide to rearrange your letters, remove some/add or just keep it as is. First lets try keeping all letters. “Tgjotu” Not the desired word/name? lets try to rearrange the letters. “Jottug” “Gottuj” To me those samples look pretty good and scifi/fantasyish. Let see how one of them fits. “The planet Jottug, The green jewel of the universe”
Pretty neat-o if I do say so my self and the rest is up to you.
Now that’s a decent planet name generator.
Go and try it your self and have fun.

Oh and don't forget to tell me if you like my idea. ;)