Sunday, December 26, 2010


Just would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas. And yes technically its still Christmas right up until some time in to January.

Anyways Sunshine The Lion Cat can now be downloaded as an E-book.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Planet name generators.

The other day I thought I look for some name generators specifically planet name generators for an idea for one of my cartoons I’ve been working on since I was in grade school. It has an element of fantasy and a bit of scifi and maybe a touch of Tron the movie depending on how you look at the story idea. You can also see small elements of it all over my websites and blogs if you look closely.

Anyways I could never really think of the right name for the planet the characters are residing on, so I thought it was about time I really made an effort on coming up with one. So I searched for a bunch of the generators on the net and thought there really are a whole bunch of them that are nice and handy but none of them seemed to fit my bill. I won’t post any links to those since I’m sure some of you already know of your favorite ones.

Just could not find the right ones that would basically take a fraise and turn it in to a compatible name for a planet that made sense to me. But then it hit me, why don’t I just take the first letter of every word in my fraise and turn that in to a great planet name and if it still doesn’t sound right take those letters and then put them in a order to actually come up with an acceptable name.

For example; Say the planet you came up with is best known for being the green jewel of the universe then you can start with the fraise “The green jewel of the universe” Now extract every first letter of every word in that fraise. “T,G,J,O,T,U” Now you have your letters for a name. Here you can decide to rearrange your letters, remove some/add or just keep it as is. First lets try keeping all letters. “Tgjotu” Not the desired word/name? lets try to rearrange the letters. “Jottug” “Gottuj” To me those samples look pretty good and scifi/fantasyish. Let see how one of them fits. “The planet Jottug, The green jewel of the universe”
Pretty neat-o if I do say so my self and the rest is up to you.
Now that’s a decent planet name generator.
Go and try it your self and have fun.

Oh and don't forget to tell me if you like my idea. ;)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

JollySanta Christmas p1

Here’s a little early Christmas cheer. A new Christmas themed clip art set. This time the graphics are related to Jolly old St Nick. More to come when I actually have time to post it. Also that little finger puppet I have been working on. Probably coming soon too. Oh and a update, I have started to work on the second installment of Sunshine the Lion cat. So stay tuned. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

While I wait.....

Well-p while I wait to start my latest gig, which has to be, any day now I decided to make some finger puppets for fun. I'm making this little black horse out of recycled materials mostly. Doing my part to save the world from more garbage while utilizing idle time. Probably going to make a matching mama horse too.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunny the lion cat.

Well here it is. First ever published book I illustrated. Not too shabby If do say so my self.
Its about this orange gregarious kitty who is very much like one of my former fur babies, who at first is lost but was found and not only was found but found a home and loving forever home.

I was quite surprised though to see it for purchase on an online store. Quite unexpected since I already had it pictured being sold in the usual manner by getting processed and then being sold at a local book store or a place like Amazon. I guess its another sign of the modern times. Especially now since more and more people are opting in for electronic book tablets like the ones used on Star trek. I guess it’s the wave of the future. This book though is still available in colorful traditional book form. Personally I really still prefer something that you can flip though the pages your self. Just simply more easer on the eyes and a feast for the mind n heart. I may try out this company in the future my self since I have lots of stuff that I usually use for my cartoon ideas that would make awesome adventure stories too.

I really hope that the children of Marella who is the author of this book btw really enjoys this surprise.
Btw this book is dedicated to Mirella’s daughter in the memory of the sweet and fun Sunny who obviously brought sunshine in the families lives.

The illustrations are done with traditional water colours, gouaches and some coffee ink.

Please note, what you’ll see is a bit of a sampler or a proto book of what can be purchased in the whole book. The whole book will be a polished version and not have blue lines est.

Hope you guys like it and maybe some will purchase it for your kids.

Happy Exploring. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

More new stuff!!

Wow that was fast. I know.
News flash, just got to let you guys know I got permission to show off content to the illustrated book I worked on. Can't wait, just have to though, thoroughly check out the link so that I know what to show you and explain things since there are links to purchase the book and other things.
In the mean time enjoy yet another latest vector graphic which will also be showing in my website too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cool Treats set 1

Not much to say lately other then I’m pretty much caught up on “must do things.” Now just finishing up the little things while waiting for the next gig and those links to the illustrated book I worked on for that last few months. In the mean time enjoy the last hurrah of summer examples of summer treat goodness. As always more stuff to come.

Breaking news! Just checked out my Email. I just saw parts of my illustrated book in the email the author I’m working for sent to me. I wish I could share what I saw. Looking really nice. Can’t wait to post the results.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upgrades and updates.

Yup its been awhile since I last wrote any thing. Mostly because of busyness and a touch of laziness to write but then you probably know what I‘m like by now. Well-p anyways I finished that book a few months ago that I illustrated for that author. She seemed very pleased with her children‘s book not to mention excited. Unfortunately I don’t have the permission to show off the fruits of my labor here and other places. For now there’s only one place I can show it off its called Elance. Soon as she publishes her book she promised me a few links and I will be sure to share it promptly. In the mean time we will all have to sit tight. For the future she promised me another project this October. I shall see but I’ll stay positive none the less.

In the mean time I continue to get ready for more stuff by taking care of those things I had on my “to do” list. Organizing and cleaning the down stairs studio…..Done! Now I just have to buy a few more supplies like some more paint and paper. Taking care of some clip art……Done! Getting faster and a brand new internet……So Done!

Yup I finally made it to the 21st
century. My old line was driving me crazy. I was lucky to even get on let alone use it for work and entertainment purposes. Downside to having a decent and fast internet connection, caps and you have to pay the piper more moola. But it’s a necessary compromise.

Oh and I finally got that package in the mail that took almost about a month. :rollie eyes: First of all the guy whom I got the package did not use the right postal code. I know I told him to use specific postal code and then there was the customs. Yipes! Well anyways all that matters is that I got my package. Finally get to upgrade my Photoshop software. Yeah!

In the mean time and until next time I write please enjoy my latest clip art.
A depressing theme in a lighthearted expression. It just to show you that even animals can’t get away with it.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Found a new web site hoster. So far so good even though it seemed a bit glitchy mostly with my web site creator when I uploaded the published site of mine. Thankfully some one was listening when I complained about not having access to something for a bit that I had a right to. Unfortunately I had no way of thinking who ever was in charge of fixing those glitches. So for now I'm using this. Freeweb site. Hopefully I'll be able to utilize it for quite awhile since I hate having to move place to place too often.

As for my book project I'm working on, finally made it to the middle portion of the book. She says that she would love to have me illustrate her other books as well but that remains to be seen and how things go. But its cool none the less.

Oh and I even managed to make a new vector set since I had a gap of time between things. Always nice. Its a bit early for this or late. It depends on how you look at things.