Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upgrades and updates.

Yup its been awhile since I last wrote any thing. Mostly because of busyness and a touch of laziness to write but then you probably know what I‘m like by now. Well-p anyways I finished that book a few months ago that I illustrated for that author. She seemed very pleased with her children‘s book not to mention excited. Unfortunately I don’t have the permission to show off the fruits of my labor here and other places. For now there’s only one place I can show it off its called Elance. Soon as she publishes her book she promised me a few links and I will be sure to share it promptly. In the mean time we will all have to sit tight. For the future she promised me another project this October. I shall see but I’ll stay positive none the less.

In the mean time I continue to get ready for more stuff by taking care of those things I had on my “to do” list. Organizing and cleaning the down stairs studio…..Done! Now I just have to buy a few more supplies like some more paint and paper. Taking care of some clip art……Done! Getting faster and a brand new internet……So Done!

Yup I finally made it to the 21st
century. My old line was driving me crazy. I was lucky to even get on let alone use it for work and entertainment purposes. Downside to having a decent and fast internet connection, caps and you have to pay the piper more moola. But it’s a necessary compromise.

Oh and I finally got that package in the mail that took almost about a month. :rollie eyes: First of all the guy whom I got the package did not use the right postal code. I know I told him to use specific postal code and then there was the customs. Yipes! Well anyways all that matters is that I got my package. Finally get to upgrade my Photoshop software. Yeah!

In the mean time and until next time I write please enjoy my latest clip art.
A depressing theme in a lighthearted expression. It just to show you that even animals can’t get away with it.