Monday, December 07, 2015

NLP Cold Beer sign

Finally here. It took awhile because it had to go though inspection and they sort of have a back up.
Its based on my classic and popular graphics series Neon Lights. Its a nice little animation which makes a great add-on to other footage or just by it self. Oh if you're wondering that white graphic overlay is just a fancy watermark for a button since I will also have this link on my personal website soon. There will be 2 other versions of this. One with a green screen and a plain white background. 

Didn't think I could animate did ya? Well I can just didn't have the equipment that I needed. But still don't have all of it though. So any future animations will be simple in nature. But that will only be temporary till I can upgrade my equipment. 
Thanks. :)
Click the image for footage link.

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