Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carved Style Easter Egg Set

Well its finally here. A few months late but still worth it I think.
Inspired by those extremely fragile Easter eggs intricately carved by dentist drills. Chicken all the way to ostrich eggs are used. There a bit like those Faberge eggs only they aren’t as elaborately decorated with gold and what not.

For those that use Illustrator, I chose not to make or use that function we call the pattern function. I think it would have been too complicated for that anyways. So I guess it took longer. But then again it doesn't help to have to name every object and every layer. So tediously time consuming but necessary. Just wish there was something to help me name every layer and object faster. 

I have here first the basic egg. The second is the polished style and bonus a chocolate version. 

 The following are some interesting close ups.........

There is a second version in this set on the way but again I'm currently in the process of naming every object and layer. Again very tedious. Oh well. Well worth the quality in the end.

Also will be viewable on my web site soon.

Thanks for viewing. :)

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