Monday, April 23, 2007


Started to work on a new project that was some time in the works. I had the idea for a while but as always get side tract for one reason or another. It’s going to be an airbrushed banner with a tropical theme to it. The airbrushed image is going on a cloth canvas, which will be sewn on top of burlap. I think I’m going to put a special solution to stiffen and to prevent the burlap from fraying too much. Then it’s going to have some bamboo inserts so that later it can be hung from twine so that it can go on my door. It’s a good alternative to creating murals which I can’t do considering that I still live in my parents house. Another bonus being that at least I can take it with me and it will be another great portfolio piece.

I just started to trace the line drawing I originally fixed up on the computer from my original drawings but still have to look for some references of tropical drinks. I can trace that drawing later since it wouldn’t matter if some of the previous tracing from the other drawing show though.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fixed a pic

Been rather busy lately so haven't had a whole lot of time being online or work on many of my things but I have managed to finish another repair on a old photo. I still have a whole slew of these to fix up though since that time someone in the family had a break down and ripped up all those pics.

Oh and hay this new FireFox is really cool not to mention handy. Just installed the latest one. Bin a bit of a slacker though in downloading it. Really saves me time on correcting my spelling mistakes. But apparently it still needs some work since correcting spelling on words at the beginning of sentences is still a bit buggy. For some reason it can't detect the capital letter and there fore changes it to a small case when you correct the spelling. Oh well maybe in the next Fire fox.

Well heres the latest pic. Enjoy.