Friday, November 09, 2018

Neon Lights Barber Shop Set 1

New to the scene, but actually finished a few months ago, Neon Lights Barber Shop set 1. Now available.  I thought I make a non food theme this time but something for the guys. Basically its all images and things you would use in a barber shop but in my neon lights set theme. More sets to be introduced and shown soon. Hopefully I can make a lady's version soon as well.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Fall wreath update.

Now featured in my personal web site.  Just click on the link in the menus.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Fall wreath

New this fall. A fall wreath I finished making last year or was that the year before. Oh well but I never got around to show it off yet until now. I actually started it earlier then that, but didn't have all the material gathered. I stared by harvesting a few grape vines in the fall since we have an abundant supply of grape vines that no longer have to support grapes. Why should I have to purchase a grape vine if I can make one after all. Then I slowly bound them one vine at a time with regular non coloured twine till a round wreath was formed. It was easier then struggling just binding them at once. Of course I had to place it aside till I had the right things to decorate with. But at the time I wasn't sure what that would be, but I know it had to say autumn to me. Eventually I settled on decorating it with leaves but I really didn't wanna use real leaves. I knew that I wanted it to last more then just two years. So I ended up purchasing some really lovely artificial leaves I saw at the dollar store. They were just a simple bunch of plastic leaves fastened to a wire branch.  I took a few of them apart and glued them on with some hot glue. Then I placed a few fake plastic berries onto the wreath I found on my walk that I chucked in to my junk box earlier. Its amazing what you can forage for on a walk even if its just a piece of discarded trash. Human nature provides. 😉
Since we have lots of snails on our property I had to place a few of those lovely snail shells all around the wreath too.  No live snail was harmed in the making of my seasonal term. All were vacated anyhow.  To finish off the wreath I applied a nice clear acrylic varnish to really enhance the shells and it really protects quite well too. 
So here it its a lovely one of a kind fall wreath to grace a front door and make people happy. 😊

It looks more impressive in person.