Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nautical style Christmas ball

Click one the pic that shows the whole ornament to see all sides of it.

A Christmas ornament that I designed with a nautical theme to it. Using materials such as a glass ball, twine for the net affect, an assortment of shells with bits of coral that I personally dove and found from Florida and made little acrylic paint starfish to accent the whole thing. Then for the finally I added raffia for the ribbon and a nice clear coat to make the shells all shiny and pretty to look at. I think in the future I would love to make more of these hand made Christmas ornaments out of things that I can recycle and make it really attractive looking. As I said before I wouldn’t mind trying out to see if they would sell on E bay.
Probably won’t make it this year to sell them on E bay but there is always next year during the free promotion thingy they always have. I’ll be able to take advantage of this since I haven’t tried to sell any thing there yet. It would be fun to see if it does sell.

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