Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas "E"

What I’ve been working on lately is a Christmas ornament. I decided to use some stuff around the house since I got tons of it and I might as well get rid of it in a useful fashion. Might even eventually sell it on E bay to make a little cash as well, I mean why not, eh?
I got a glass ball, made a twine fishing net and stuck it on. Then glued a few shells that I got in Florida a while ago and I have yet to polish the shells I stuck on and finally I’ll probably stick a beige raffia ribbon. Yeah you guessed it it’s a nautical style ornament. I decided to use a neutral ribbon so it draws attention to the interesting shells and the net design.

I’ve also been working on restoring a ripped up old photo. Look for it soon in the Mini galleria section. You can find the link at my web site.

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