Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Neon lights Pub Tap Sign1 bluescreen

Well these were completed awhile ago and issued sometime before the Easter holidays but there have been some really irritating things I have to deal with. Twitter for one thing. Haven't been able to log on cause they decided to lock my account for no good reason. Well probably someone tried to hack in to my account but now they expect me to get a code via cellphone. Nope I don't have a cell nor want one currently. You figure they would provide you with an alternative for that for those with landlines. But nope. Very discriminatory and very lazy. Surly those greedy little brains of theirs can come up with something ingenious for those with landlines? Sigh...... 
So if you never see me again on Twitter. There's your reason. Maybe its time to deep fry that bird? 

Anyways yeah here's the blue screen version of Neon Lights Pub Tap sign1. Available soon on my personal web site as well. 

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