Monday, September 19, 2016

Little Ballet Girl conte drawings

Its official. I got the a commission to do a portrait. And not just one, but two. Its of a little great grand daughter in a ballet pose at a wedding. Background optional, but I think its nice to have at least a bit of a background of some kind. I'll just painted it in light so that she's not floating in the air.
I already started the drawings on the first one several weeks ago, finished the second phase drawings a few days ago. (Those are more detailed drawings.) The final, going to finish those soon and then of course transferring the image onto a flat canvas for painting. I decided to show the original pic together with the finished painting at the end. Over all of course I have permission to show from the owner which is a rare occurrence these days. 

The following are conte drawings. A series a rough drawings to show and figure out how the body should look and all that. To keep that looseness so that your drawings won't look stiff. I'm sure you've seen those. I could have just traced those but then you're then just neglecting yourself an opportunity for growth. 

I drew heads mostly since I really had a hard time seeing the details on the little photo I was given. Yes I enlarged it but it was still difficult to see. As for that adult head, well I was a bit off the path there and it didn't look like a kid's head and so you know. ;) 
The same problem with the hands. At first to me it looked like she was holding on to her dress but was actually just in the air as she twirled in place. Another difficult to see situation if you don't take a more careful look. As for the body, I only did a few drawings of those and had pretty much figured out how I wanted it to look. 

The best drawings will be preserved on a online photo album. That I still have to update as well since there are a few problems with it. 

Till next time. :)

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