Monday, April 07, 2014

Projects to be made....

Started working on some new small projects.
1. Is going to be a decorated light switch with some of the shells I collected in past vacations to Florida.
A great use for some of my souvenirs for an otherwise boring object on the wall. Plus I really go sick of looking at that old light switch plate with the plastic corner chipped out of edge. That thing has been there for ages. Also later I can always take my little art piece with me should I need to.

2. Finally got around to painting those fake Easter eggs. I bought them last year but never got around to do much with them. I got as far as sanding down those generic images that came with the eggs and then gessoing them for colour. I coloured one white egg with pink spots. It reminds me of a Yoshi egg from the Mario bro's games.
I hope to colour more in the next day or so. So we'll have to see if I get around to showing them off in time for Easter. Maybe afterwords but that's OK.

3. I'm removing some old patchwork decorations from an old pair of jeans I decorated years ago, The patches are still great so I plan on sewing them back on to an old jean jacket along with another large patch I salvaged from an old jean purse. I think it'll look great.

4. Last but not least there's this really old project I like to finish that I started long ago but sort of forgot about. Will explain later.

Then there's always more vector graphics to be made.


Nirdesha said...

This is so cute :) Thanks for checking my blog btw. Love ur blog. Should browse through it in detail during the weekend!

K_tigress said...

Glad you like it. Thanks for visiting and the kind comments of course. :)