Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polka-dot egg

The first Easter egg completed is a simple spotted one inspired by the Super Mario bro's video games.
It was made to look like a Yoshi egg but not like the more common green egg in the games. I wanted to have a white egg with pink spots.

Expect the Easter eggs to get more intricate but will have a "folksy" look to them. 
Maybe down the line I may do other themed eggs like character eggs or based on shows eggs but for now these are good enough. :)

Also these eggs are not the real thing. Instead I used these nice plaster eggs I found at a discount store such as Giant Tiger.
They already had some designs on them so I had to sand them off and gesso them to prepare them.

I may plan on purchasing and making more in the future if I feel like it. 

Happy Easter. :) 

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