Thursday, June 06, 2013

Its me again.

Yeah I know. Its yet another profile pic but as you know I don’t like photos of my self on the internet and this is the only way I will have something of me other then avatars.
Just finished it yesterday but I have yet to colour it. I’ll probably colour it in a very traditional way and in the original way that I started off my art journey so very long ago. With coloured pencils, markers and some kind of ink pen. Don’t think I’ll be using my mechanical pens though I think they’re ca-poot. Tried filling them with ink and it just makes a mess. And yeah I cleaned them thru and thru and such but to no avail. I think they’re just too old and maybe over time things get warped. Guess I’ll have to get another set at Staples or something. Bummer now I have to spend money again. Got plenty of ink though.
Anyways my profile features me at work on many art project while my kitty Meetso has a little stretch on one of my art pieces in progress. But also featured are some of my doves are in the antics too. And I do mean some, since I have about 9 of them 7, 8 and 9 are just off the pic hiding someplace. ;)
Before I add some colour going to have to fix a few areas though but they’re just minor things.
Hope you like my work in progress.
Probably be the last profile pic featuring me in a while.

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