Monday, June 24, 2013

Its me again..... completed.

Completed this a few weeks ago but only showing it now. See previous postings.
Media used was fine textured paper with markers, coloured pencils and fine black marker. Normally I would use ink pen but those things have had better days although they don’t look too bad on the out side. But time has warped them from the inside I think and sadly. Oh well. 

Yet another thing that was making me pretty frustrated and bummed out lately. My web site as yet again had down time. Its back up now but has been down one too many times. Going to have to find a new place but its just so hard to find a new decent place with all the things I’m looking for. Got to get my own domain eventually.  

Prospects for new jobs still sucks but one job I just sent a quote and proposal to looks very promising. They want a statue painting which is very similar to a painting I made a few years ago featuring a cat statue I doodled earlier and then painted  in a tropical setting. I really hop I can get this job. I know I can really shine in this one.

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