Monday, April 08, 2013

Super me!

Not much of a fan of picture taking. The camera never takes my best side any how. Not really a fan of drawing my self in to a self portrait either but sometimes you have to make a compromise. But I still do have fun working on the drawing and colouring part. This was actually drawn awhile ago but I only just now had the time to actually work on it because of other priorities.  
This is my latest persona in the form of an avatar or profile picture I designed for just that.  Yes it may be a bit exaggerated but its definitely me despite that, my current hair style is a bit shorter as of late. The glasses are the wrong colour and no I never had pink in my hair. Its just one of those fantasies/ persona things of mine but current situations do not allow for pink hair. But the boobs ……are all real.


Will also be on display soon via my web site just as soon as some lagging bug gets fixed over there at the providers. 

Here is the before and after. The pencil drawing then the final. Enjoy!

Oh yeah I left a bit of text space on the side in case I needed it someday.

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