Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free beer inside.

Ok so I forgot about this place but then can you blame me. Freelancing, clip-art making and other things is much more lucrative anyway.  But I’ll give it another shot. I added another graphic to my product line. Its basically based on my very successful clip-art set that’s been out in the market for sometime. I might add more when I have some time or when I’m bored or something which is quite rare but not too uncommon if I was to spend more time online. But adding more graphics is limited on a free subscription. Oh well. Still I wonder if interest is waning in regards to operating on such a place with the average Jill? I mean sure some people are obviously making some kind of income there but still I don’t see too many conversations happening in the forums. Maybe I should try Zazzler’s in the future or what ever its called.
Going to have to check them out.

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