Monday, October 29, 2012

Lounging Spike

Ok There you have it. The Finished Lounging Spike.
I combined several drawings I did of him to get the look just right. You can see my process in the sketches in an earlier post.
I basically digitally painted it Photo shop using airbrushing and using the textured brushes technique. I also used many layers and channels all the while keeping in mind where and how the lighting should look on Spike est. Even though I wanted a realistic look, I still wanted to keep the cartoony look too. And there you have it.
As usual for now you will not be able to view it on my web site until the first half of my web site is done with the renovations.

 The full Lounging Spike.
 A close up so you can see the details of the hair est.


Chelly said...

I love Spike. Tina you are an amazing illustrator.

K_tigress said...

Thanks a bunch. :)