Sunday, October 21, 2012

Featuring creatures

Just featuring a few creatures I’ve been drawing/doodling for the past few months and weeks scanned straight from my personal sketch book. As you know making up creatures and characters are my favorite things to draw.  These were shared earlier at a art web site where people of professional to novas come to share thoughts and their art in forum form. There are other handy artist related things there too. 

Now to the pics. These are mostly inspired by a number of random objects and some are from pure imagination.

 A chompy reptile creature inspired by a staple remover.
 A made up little wombat like creature.
 Another reptile dino like creature with a fingered lip. Inspired by some dumb children's hand puppet show.
 A cute little creature with a deadly defensive secret weapon that you do not want to mess with.
 Another reptile creature inspired by the mayfly.
 Cute little alien girl.
 Some creatures inspired by a humble maple key. I may try and experiment more with this theme in the future. The long necked one is a type of sap sucker. Bother it and it can zing you. The other short and plump one likes to eat small insects.
The last one is a tripod creature who uses its tail like a third leg. And another little alien reptile the corner.

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