Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dino -bit part 3

Well that was a bit disappointing. Only had a few people who actually cared to take a look. :(
So I waited long enough and chose my next steps with the few votes that people bothered to give me. What else is new.
So if any one cares, here are the character poses I chose for the logos with the help of nice people, with some choices of fonts and word placements. Now what to choose?
The last step will involve the finishing touches and colour.
For those who bother to look and or choose, Thanks a bunch.


Meg Lyman said...


I like the first and fourth ones, although the first one has a tangent between his nose and the "O." But I like its layout the best!

K_tigress said...

Thanks for posting.
I'll probably choose on Monday.
I'm thinking of going with the one with the hotdog font but will see.