Friday, August 17, 2007

Updates and a pic of my young mom

Its a pic of my mom probably in her late teens early 20's. She is babysitting a young boy. When she was still living in Croatia before she got married, she taught as a daycare teacher. A day care teacher over there at the time was equivalent to a grade 1 teacher over here.
Kind of ashamed that children aren't teached like that over here otherwise children would be much more smarter around here. Instead they make dumb cartoon shows for kids like Dora the explorer that talk down to kids and dumb every thing down. Its a shame that cartoons aren't seen as just another form of entertainment for all ages. Instead they have to slap on the word education and make some money when really all it would be doing is brainwashing in to stupidity.
If you want smart kids, play with them, share with them don't dumb every thing down to the point of Dora the explorer. Yeesh!

Anyways also updated the MMMM section in the Secret Treasure vault of my K Tigress's Virtual Gallery Lair.

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