Monday, August 13, 2007

Tranquil Tropic

New in Miscellaneous; Finally the finishing touches are done on this thing. Its hard to finish things when you have so many other things that occupy your time. I kind of wanted a banner for my boring door and something comforting to look at so I designed this originally in my sketch book, One of many drawings, fixed it up on the computer, blew it up to fit on a piece of cloth I bought at the store and took my time airbrushing it. I later cut a piece of burlap and sewed it on then added a few pieces of bamboo for it to hang from and wallah. Don't you just wish you could just jump in? I'm calling it Tranquil Tropic. Is it a sun set or is it sunrise? It's for you to determine that. The chair is just ready for you to add the towel and lounge in and sip that drink. I was fairly satisfied with it although I think I could have added some more shadows on the bottom part of the stone banisters at least, otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with it.

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