Sunday, July 30, 2006

Got to send a massage

Finished my presentation for what ever company I decide to send to. Well it’s more for this one company for now that I’m interested in. I made it into a Power point presentation with the ability to be able to print off of. It took me awhile because I had so many things to fix up. I made my presentation flexible so that I can either send just some print outs or the PP thing. Any ways the presentation works quite satisfactory. I added a small sound bite for the transition of the pages. I avoided adding music because I feel that it would be more suited for an animation reel. I could have added some animation or even my short that I made in school but I really feel that I could have done more to it. We were unfortunately rushed and I did not really get to make the short they way I wanted it. But at least its satisfactory. In the future and when I actually get the money for like a decent paper cutter, hole puncher specifically for animation paper and eventually a new computer I will maybe make improvements to the short. A decent animation reel would be nice too. So far I got a decent digital camera, some software a satisfactory light table but it could be better and a decent scanner for the other things. I also need to make one of those things that are on every show at the end to show what company the animation is from. I have a decent one in mind with some sound FX that I could get using a really old tape of sounds and voices me and my neighbor made when we were children. It’s going to look and sound cool. I only wish I had made one for that last short that I made.

I’ve also been doing the usual surfing the net. I went to my usual favorite sites, Red dwarf being one of them and spotted a nice article of some really cool illustrations. They were featuring an illustrator and his latest work. What particularly caught my eye was the part on how he goes though the different processes of his illustrations until he gets to the final approved art work for a DVD cover. Well I learned yet another thing they don’t teach at school or my last job for that matter. Before the final this guy does the pre finals in scanned layers. I guess he sends them for approval and then I guess the art director chooses the perfect layout. After every thing is ok'ed he does the colored final and whala. I guess I’ll have to do it this way too. Its not a bad thing since it will save me time and effort. I didn’t really do if for my self cause when I do some illustrations for my own use I usually have an idea of what I want or do several small rough drawings for what I’m looking for and then do the final est. Sometimes I surf the net or have samples of my own to use as reference to get the look and feel of what I want for my layout or illustrations.

Anyways got to pack up my presentation in one of those bubble envelopes and make an invoice template, a contract thing and a whole bunch of other things that I have still yet to get to. Fewwww!

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