Friday, April 20, 2018

A St Patrick's day card

Yet another late display and share. Its a St Patrick's day card I "homemade" for a friend, about last year. 
Simply made it quick and I had about lots of odds and ends lying around and I thought why not. So I made it with some scrap water colour paper, a few fake gems, some acrylic paint some other cardboard, some card stock and some coloured paper. Oh yeah I used a nice gold marker for some of the lettering. I guess I even used a bit of coloured pencils in which I forgot to mention in the description at my personal website. Oh well. Oh did I mention the big clover with the gems springs out at you? Well it does, cause I made a mini springy thing so that it kind of pops out at you. A neat little surprise for your eyes.  😊

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