Friday, September 15, 2017

Hummin bird feeder 1

I have yet to make some food for at least one of these. Recently actually earlier this year I decided to make some feeders after years of spotting the little hummers every so often around our yard. I hope to get some nice photo ops. I also hope these things will work and not just leak all of their contents all over the place. 

The first one you see here is made out of an well washed old plastic bottle. I also used a few old plastic flowers that were actually carnations I took apart and made something a hummer would be interested. I made a hoop out of grape vines I found growing around the house. They needed trimming any how. Some twine and an old plastic container. I burned some holes using a small nail I heated with a candle and held with pliers of course. Put it all together with hot glue. Painted the container with green spray paint. Didn't work out as well since the paint was kind of old. Glued flowers and beads and wala a feeder fit for humming birds. I hope.  😃


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