Monday, November 10, 2014

a new home and a Sunny day

Found a new web hosting place, well I actually had it booked marked for quite awhile but never had to use it till now I guess. It was pretty confusing at first considering it was a bit more complicated to use compared to the old one, but thank God I figured it out eventually. Just finished putting it up at the new place but I noticed it needs a few tweaks or two. Not a problem. Will take care of those later and will place a redirect at the old site too soon as the old place gets up and running. Yup they're still down. Guess its a price to pay for being a bit too easy and popular. None the less I really like the new place, its fast, no advertisements and its been around for awhile which is really great cause you really never know with a new hosting place. They change so frequently and can be gone in a flash. Lets just hope this new place doesn’t have a policy of only giving you something for free for a month. Sometimes these rules are well hidden and have a bad habit of biting you back. Anyways here's the new location of my personal web site.

Oh and as a bonus, here's one original illustration for the latest book I worked on as posted from last time in another blog post. Enjoy. 

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