Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Changing direction.

Well I kind of changed my mine temporarily about finding a new web site after thinking about it. Instead I’m going to use this really nice online portfolio that I found at one of my favorite haunts for fellow artists.
Its really great because its quite generous with its space regarding how much content you can load in there regarding your works. Plus when you get the hang of using the stuff to customize your site, its easy to put together.  So for now going to use this as a mini backup web site for a more stable way of showing the people who are behind these potential job opportunities and not worrying about the darn site being down.
That unfortunately always seems to happen to me when I have stuff to show with my original site. Its embarrassing and frustrating.
So anyway, for a free portfolio site this mini site for me is really great and hopefully stable enough so that in the future, I don’t go though any more of this nonsense.  There’s also a premium part of the site of course but I really don’t need that.
So any one needing a really good and generous place for your portfolio check out

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