Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Tool for Artists

Introducing Anti Warp Water Colour Painting Frame
A great tool for watercolour artists to minimize the paper warping after it dries.
There’s nothing more annoying then working with paper that has warped, especially when you have to go back to a spot you painted earlier in order to do some fine details and the paper is all wavy.
This thing is great for wet on wet painting techniques too since the frames are for the most part water proof providing that you follow instructions. 

Sure, I could have used craft paper and glued it on the back of the watercolour paper but I really don’t like it for that kind of paper I use, so that’s why I came up with this thing. 


You can download instructions provided by me from my web site or go to and while there see what others have made to share.
None the less, hope some of you can find this useful.

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