Thursday, February 04, 2010


Found a new web site hoster. So far so good even though it seemed a bit glitchy mostly with my web site creator when I uploaded the published site of mine. Thankfully some one was listening when I complained about not having access to something for a bit that I had a right to. Unfortunately I had no way of thinking who ever was in charge of fixing those glitches. So for now I'm using this. Freeweb site. Hopefully I'll be able to utilize it for quite awhile since I hate having to move place to place too often.

As for my book project I'm working on, finally made it to the middle portion of the book. She says that she would love to have me illustrate her other books as well but that remains to be seen and how things go. But its cool none the less.

Oh and I even managed to make a new vector set since I had a gap of time between things. Always nice. Its a bit early for this or late. It depends on how you look at things.

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