Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A thought out

Just a small note. Yup the children’s book illustrations are coming along fine. It was a bit dicey at first getting use to the policies at Elance and getting to know the author but now I really think I'm over those bumpy humps of unknowns. Might still have a few along the way but at least every thing else is nicely established, such as the look of the characters and backgrounds est. So far I have finished two different versions of cover art and page one and two. I guess after when all of the craziness is over, I'll get to work on the rest of the book. So far she seems to be really happy with the results. I only hope at the end of the project, she will give me permission to display one or two of the best illustrations on my online ports and to friends. I'm really hoping that this can also be a great stepping stones to other great things too.

Oh yeah I never got a chance to let people know that there are small updates at my web site.
Thanks and Happy "Mew" year. 2010

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