Sunday, May 18, 2008

working on and stuff

Such lonely blogs I have. Sigh…. And I don’t know why. Hay, its just like real life. Wow.
If any one has been reading my other blog at least or even this one for that matter, I may have mentioned that I have successfully made it in and with flying colours too. This web site, it takes small illustrations and gives me intern some nice juicy income. A step in the right direction, finally. But, none the less I just seem to have a difficult time letting people know that yes I can do all these wonderful things and have so as well in the past. Progress just seems so slow going and at times painfully. But here I am world and yes you will be pleasantly surprised of what I can do. Like ice cream with an unusual flavor, they finally had a taste and I think they like it.

And here’s another little taste of my skills. I just finished putting together some samples of my photo/ image enhancement skills. I think it looks quite professional, a very nice visual sampling.

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