Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He's called Punk rat

He's a sock puppet made from 2 socks. I used a drawing for inspiration that I sketched in my sketchbook and made some simple patterns from them. Using some foam sheets you can get at any craft store I made the puppet have some shape using some of those patterns. I also used some laundered vintage for the mouth, ears, tongue, chest and nose. Then I did some airbrushing on the face, chest and paws. I used googly eyes for well the eyes and used some special non-toxic glue to glue them on. Then I sewed on some eyelids for some more personality. I outlined some parts of the mouth. Then I took some black yarn and stiffened them with some stiffener and after they were dry, I pushed them though the muzzle for whiskers. Finally I found some fuzzy punky pink hair and sewed it on. The teeth are made from some kind of clothing foam. There you go. I was going to put a teeny tiny Band-Aid on his nose for added personality but didn't have one. Oh yeah his collar is made from a belt and I put Velcro for easy removal. Can't make up my mind though whether I would like to trim the whiskers or not. I mean he looks cool with long messy ones but then again trimmed would look good as well. Hummm. I think eventually I'd like to make more of these glorified sock puppets and the next idea would be a Indian elephant.

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