Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crazy like a fox

I took a small drawing of a funky fox I drew from one of my sketch books and fixed it up a few days ago. It looks pretty cool and I'm going to place it in my web site soon when I get the chance. I painted it in bright colours of water colour and made it look fluffy. It kind of reminds me of a puppet. You know like the feathers that Jim Hanson puppets use. I'll probably do a few more drawings like that in different medias too. I have so many projects and so little time to do them. Its a good thing that I can remember them all. I'm also going to have to eventually do that jacket like I planed. I'd like to see if I can sell it on Ebay. Its going to have a panda bear on it with the words panda in Chinese characters. The characters are going to be "blinged" I hope it turns out like I imagine it in my head.

I’ve also been looking at other web sites that I like and making a sample of them for future use. I plan to take some elements of the ones I like and add them to my own site but utilising my own ideas which of course will reflect my cartoon. I'd like to eventually be more public about my cartoon but for now it remains a secret till I can actually afford to get a great copy right for it.

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