Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Christmas card 2018

OK lets get this over with. I know I really should wait until next Christmas or at least July. But if I don't post it now, I may never will. I have a bad habit of getting side tracked and well then things fall on the way side. Oh but don't worry I'll be showing something Easter-y next time I show off card related stuff. So please bare with me.
Here is another card I made for the same good friend. I decided to utilize some of those leaves I collected last fall, along with a few other bits not relating to fall.  I think the most impressive of all the card design was my lettering. It really turned out really nice. 
This will be one of those thing that will also be featured in my personal web site since this is a completed project.  This card design is inspired by an old vintage card I got years ago in my child hood from my relatives. I liked the card design so much that I decided to make a similar one for my friend.

BTW the lettering is hand made and done by hand. 😉

Friday, February 15, 2019

Neon Lights Barber Shop set 5

Now out Neon Lights Barber Shop set 5. And now you can grace you place with my dreadlocks and Afros collection. 😊 Its will also be featured on my personal web site soon as well. 
On another note you may have noticed that my what amounts to a small personal T-shirt shop has been closed for awhile. I placed an "under construction" sign in its spot. Well I really was never happy with the store. I had used CafePress for a number of years and felt that it was more of a hassle to have. Never liked how they had a policy of only have a few t-shirts per store. Plus their design algorithm/platform was more complicated then it had to be. Over all if you wanted more freedom to use the site and its things, you had to sign up for their premium services.  Blah and then after awhile I sort of abandoned it. 
Currently I'm trying a new to me place and it has more of what I like and how I like. Hopefully soon you will see a new store with a new name with a new link to in the side menu. In the mean time I'l probably share links to new and experimental things with my artwork on them until I fully open the store. 
Thanks for reading, looking and until next time.  👋😊