Monday, May 18, 2020

small personal site update.

Oops another mistake. I forgot to upload the leopard patch pics into my personal website. But they're up now along with the newly uploaded images of my homemade Easter card 2019. Enjoy!😊

Home made Easter card 2019

Oops looks like I made a small "boo boo" in the last one or two postings of my monarch butterfly series. But they're all fixed now and the mistake was not a big deal but it would have bugged me to no end. 

Now for some spring time fun. An Easter card I made last year for a friend. Al little late but it still is technically spring. Its fun to look at none the less. But then there are Christmas related things to boost moral being shown too in different media forms so who cares? And besides if I don't I may never show it off. It just accumulates and all that. Also will be showing soon, other card creations with various degrees of fun.😊
 Some envelope art a bumble bee.🔺
  Also some envelope art a bumble bee holds a basket and other Easter symbols. 🔺
 The card cover art. A bumble bee with a basket of eggs and real pressed flowers

Some more art in the card featuring another bumble bee and more pressed flowers. 

Created the card with real flowers I collected the previous year. Some snap dragons and some type of blueish flower that later turned more purple when I pressed and glued them to cardboard to make them more workable.  Other media used, water colours, markers, coloured pencils. Cardboard and construction paper used as well as watercolour paper with texture. I tried to stick to bright colours instead of overusing the colour black for the obvious bee stripes. 
I hope you like it. 😊

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Monarch butterfly 2 extra

Now out monarch butterfly 2 extra. JPG only non scalable version. But just as beautiful. As always to be featured in my personal web site soon. 
Also another online portfolio bites the dust for me too cause they decided to now charge a usage fee. No biggy. There are still plenty of quality online port providers out there. Its a big pond after all. It was just a backup port anyhow. But none the less I saved all of my info in other words a back up from that place and now I can move to a new spot. 😏😉

Friday, March 20, 2020

Monarch Butterfly 1 Extra

First of all I just want to say is Please Stay safe. This virus is no joke. Stay indoors and don't go out. Even better do some praying for your fellow man. The least you can do since there are no Easter celebrations this year in a physical building. But we can still celebrate and do some honor in our own vessel for our fellow man. 

Anyhow here is the Extra version of MB1 JPG only form, designed as an option cause you can make it like this in order for it to be a true vector.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Uploaded now

Now out in my personal web site. Monarch Butterfly set 2. You know the way. The side menu. 😉

Monday, February 24, 2020

Monarch Butterfly Set 2

Now out Monarch Butterfly Set 2. This version features the previous butterfly only now the butterfly is feeding on a cluster of butterfly bush/weed flowers. Very lovely orange coloured blossoms. If you can see them in real life, its really something special. Especially when you see other insects other then just butterflies feeding on them.
 See previous.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Monarch-butterfly set 1 posted

Now featured in my personal web site after a bit of delay due to being under the weather and other acts of nature.  Just go to the side menu and enter. 😊

Friday, January 24, 2020

Monarch-butterfly set 1

A little something for the coming spring and summer season. These little guys will soon be migrating up north once again. I designed these by studying many pics of reference sources. I would take a few pics my self but so far my timing is pretty lousy. Plus I had made a few of these illustrations in the past too for other purposes. So also decided to take advantage of all of that and make a vector illustration version. There are other versions of this too and will be showing them in future coming posts. Enjoy.😊